About Lucy

Hello Garden Lovers! I am a gardener in Rye, NY. I have been growing my own garden dreams since the spring I was 15, when I started the garden center at Frager's Hardware on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. After 7 years of helping DC inner city gardeners grow their own green dreams, I went on to work for Smith & Hawken, a gardener's dream job. I got to work for them all over the country, in New Canaan, CT, Chevy Chase, MD, and Chicago, IL, but in SoHo, NYC for the longest.  Maybe you even shopped with me there!  I absolutely loved it. I already knew the nuts and bolts of gardening, but this helped me to develop my garden style. I fine tuned my design eye later with a couple exacting years at Waterworks (I love interiors, too!)  This is me now...a garden loving mom of 4 in Rye, NY. I love gardening with the kids at our local school and I love, love, love helping friends grow their own garden dreams with their families. Happy Gardening!

photo cred Brian Wedge, Boathouse Studios